Exterminators in Minneapolis Keep Homes and Businesses Free of Insects

by | Jul 5, 2013 | Pest Control

Summer is here and the changing seasons brings a change in our lifestyle. We spend more time enjoying outdoor activities with our families. That also means there are more chances for us to be bitten by insects. Nothing spoils an evening outdoors like an attack of hungry mosquitoes. Minnesota is known for its lakes which help attract mosquitoes. These insects are not only a nuisance because of their bite, they also spread disease. If you want to enjoy the great outdoors in comfort, there are Exterminators in Minneapolis who can spray around your home and property to kill and repel mosquitoes.

Another household pest that has caused quite a stir is the bed bug. People who find their homes infested with bed bugs are afraid for anyone to know because of the stigma attached to them. If bed bugs are present in your home it has to be because your house is dirty. That is definitely not true. It is very easy to bring bed bugs into your home when returning from vacation or a business trip. These little pests climb into suitcases and hitch a ride home with you. The Minneapolis Exterminators can eradicate them. Bed bugs have also become a major problem in multiple housing units. This can be rectified with the help of exterminators.

Keeping a restaurant pest free is extremely important. No one wants to eat in a restaurant whose kitchen is infested with roaches or ants. The health department would also take a dim view of this. Restaurant owners need to have their buildings sprayed regularly for insects. Any business should keep its premises free of insects whether they serve food or not. The Exterminators in Minneapolis are very discreet when working in a place of business. They try to work before or after business hours so that customers are not aware exterminators have been in the building.

Many homeowners are concerned about the use of pesticides around their children and pets. The new treatments for insect control contain smaller amounts of pesticides which make them safer to use in homes, stores, or offices. If you find your home or business has a problem with pests, call right away to schedule next day service.

Don’t let termites, winged ants, mice, or rats damage your home or business. Have Exterminators in Minneapolis check out the situation and decide the best course of action to rid these pests from your life.

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