Selecting concrete for construction

by | Jul 8, 2013 | Construction and Maintenance

Concrete is something that we all take for granted. It was even used in the Roman Empire.

Although the manufacturing technology was lost in the Dark Ages, it was ?re-invented around the late 1700?s onwards. Today, concrete is probably the premier construction material.

What is concrete?

Rather than hew big blocks from solid rock, it is easier to use smaller stones, gravel and sand that can be glued together and bound into a solid piece of the required shape and size for the construction?s purpose. The glue (or binder) is cement which is manufactured from limestone into a near powder form. The larger rock and other particles are called aggregate and are mixed with water and cement to form concrete. There are many types of both cement and concrete, depending on raw material selection. Each type has construction applications for which it is best suited.

Choosing your Concrete.

Unless you are a regular construction engineer or builder, the choice is best left to experienced specialists like concrete services Topeka KS who have the knowledge and experience to know which type of mixed cement is best suited for differing construction specifications. They will also be able to offer practical advice on whether it is better to purchase small amounts and mix the concrete locally on the construction site, or, purchase ready mixed concrete for delivery direct to the site.

Uses for Concrete

Concrete Topeka KS will use the mixed concrete in a wide variety of ways. Concrete can be used as mortar to stick together various forms of building blocks such as bricks, cinder blocks or masonry. It can also be poured into formwork where it can set in place to become a beam or a support column; usually with metal reinforcing bars embedded into the concrete before it has set hard.

In the above examples, the concrete is put into place and given its shape at the construction site; today?s construction industry is making ever growing use of pre-forming the concrete away from site at a special facility. The use of preformed shapes is particularly useful when the construction project requires a large number of identically shaped pieces.

Concrete is also widely used for covering ground, so as to provide a flat waterproof surface. This could be road pavement or surfacing of both large open air yards and indoor flooring.

Leading construction companies like Concrete Topeka KS can advise, mix and deliver the correct concrete for any application. K-Construction Inc use high quality materials with a rock base making foundation of all buildings and constrictions durable, hard, and strong.



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