Top Strategies to Improve Your Hotel Lobby Appearance with Hospitality Signage

by | Feb 19, 2018 | Painting Services

Every hotel lobby needs to make a great first impression and make your visitors feel comfortable when they enter your property. If you are thinking about what to put in the entrance of your hotel, make sure that you first review these tips below.

Look at the Demographics of Your Guests

There are many questions that you need to ask yourself like what are my guest’s ages, income level and habits. What are the average stays of each guest and which hospitality signage elements do you feel they would they like to see in the lobby. Maybe it could be a diagram of your hotel, an exhibit or a map of the city, which ever you decide on make sure you have something eye catching as it could make the difference between a guests lasting impression of your establishment or not.

Display Appealing Information and Resources

The goal of an attractive lobby is to ensure that you give your guests everything they need. This includes displaying information about the hotel and the area which the hotel is in. Try and use your lobby signage to share information about things like maps, events, attractions, different places to eat and of course entertainment.

Show Food and Drinks Options

Each hotel offers different features like restaurants and bars. You need to ensure that you cater to all types of guests showing them where to find refreshments and food option. Some solid and attractive graphics signs can be developed and used for this. Some of the common signs that can we seen in lobby’s are as follows:

    Coffee stations and refreshments
*     A full service bar
  *     Where to get food and a restaurant if you have one

Proving this information will help you make your lobby more comfortable and also will help you to build more revenue in your hotel.

If you would like to learn more about how to get hospitality signage developed from a top rated company, contact Dimensional Silk Screen today! We will setup a meeting and discuss options on how you can best promote your brand and lobby needs.

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