Homeowners May Want To Consider Floating Hearths In Salt Lake City UT

by | Feb 20, 2018 | Construction and Maintenance

People with homes in the western United States have the option of purchasing Floating Hearths in Salt Lake City UT to update a fireplace. Fireplace hearths, mantels, and board-formed panels can bring an old fireplace into the 21st century with a striking contemporary look. Stone Mountain Castings & Design company will custom make all the elements to update fireplaces and do it in custom sizes for a perfect fit. Cast concrete is a versatile material for many uses around the home and commercial buildings.

What Is Cast Concrete?

Cast concrete is simply high-quality concrete poured into special forms to produce many products for the home and commercial buildings. Since this is a poured material, it takes the form of whatever mold it is poured into. Once the concrete is poured, it is let set and then unmolded and finished. After it has time to cure and harden, it can be smoothed and finished as specified. This is a durable heavy material that will last for decades when properly installed. Heavy items like cement mantels must be installed with proper support to keep them in place.

Cast concrete can take on different colors and have additives to look more unique. The home or business owner can meet with a company representative to design the concrete elements they plan to use in their building or landscape.

Concrete Cast Projects

The inside of a home can have that special cast concrete fireplace mantel and surround. Then, the kitchen can have a concrete cast range hood. The home facade may be enhanced with concrete elements such as pillars and planters. The patio may have poured planters, fire tables, or outdoor fireplaces with mantels. Concrete shelves and corbels are other possibilities. If mold can be made, any item can be custom made. Building owners should ask the company what products they are able to cast.

Concrete is a very durable product that is not going to blow away during wind storms. The company has a large inventory of concrete mantels, Floating Hearths in Salt Lake City UT, and other products to choose from. Customers are able to fit their concrete items to the actual space available. For additional information, visit the website. Like us on Facebook.

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