Tips for a Master Bedroom with a Nautical Theme

If you want to create a master bedroom with nautical themed décor, you have a lot of creative options. You can design a room that’s comfortable and conveys your love of all things sailing! Discover a few ideas to get started.


Many colorful comforters feature illustrations of ships, seashells, compasses, rowboats and more. A unique comforter with interesting illustrations can easily become the focus of any master bedroom. Select some sheets and pillowcases to match the background colors of your comforter.

Small Items of Décor

Displaying a few items of décor on tables around the master bedroom is an excellent way to follow along with your nautical theme. For example, you could find a ship in a bottle and display it on a table near a window. Another option is to look at the selection of ornamental lighthouses Lancaster County PA. This can be set in its own display case or on a sturdy table to enhance the décor.

Wallpaper or Wallpaper Border

Today, wallpaper is available with so many nautical designs it’s hard to just choose one! Wallpaper featuring sailboats, ships sailing the ocean, sea creatures and islands are just a few of the choices. You could choose wallpaper with a scattering of designs or one that is covered with them. If you prefer to have painted walls with a few illustrations, try a simple wallpaper border. You may want wallpaper border throughout the space or on a single accent wall of your master bedroom. This border can be at the top of a wall, the bottom or even in the middle!

So, whether you go with something from the selection of ornamental lighthouses Lancaster County PA or focus on the walls of your master bedroom, every detail will work together to form a nautical theme.

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