Great Kitchen Design in Kennett Square, PA

While not as expensive as remodeling along the coast, kitchen design in Kennett Square, PA, costs enough to make sure you get the most bang for your buck. There are a number of traditional and new changes that can be made to the heart of your home that are sure to add value. When in doubt of which things to tweak, look to this list of helpful kitchen design features.

Go for Green Flooring and Countertops

Environmentally-friendly flooring and countertops look beautiful, keep families safe and add a little panache when it comes time to sell. Products like Teregren are made with renewable resources, don’t give off toxic fumes and use technology like tightly locking tiles to forgo the use of traditional glues. The green movement is still popular in Pennsylvania, making any eco-friendly advancements to your home an investment in its sale value.

Enter an EcoStar Dish Washer

Appliances don’t have to be stainless steel to improve the value of your home. The quality of appliances in your kitchen should be similar to the other features of your home. Having too nice of a kitchen can scare off potential buyers who feel intimidated. That said, a dishwasher is an expected feature in most homes. EcoStar appliances offer you several benefits. First, you use less energy. Secondly, your purchase may qualify for a tax break. Newer models come in a variety of counter-complementing colors.

Hidden Stove Tops

Built-in appliances add elegance without making the kitchen seem foreign to potential new owners and guests. Increase dining area and keep things looking tidy with a new retracting glass top stove. The Luna by Fisher and Paykal is a perfect example.

Filter Fashionably

Faucet-mounted water filters have come a long way from the bulky oblongs of the past. Today’s water filters are built into sinks with small, almost hidden levers used to switch up filtering functions when they’re really needed. This kind of upgrade to your kitchen design in Kennett Square, PA, doesn’t just improve water quality, they provide the shine of new kitchen hardware that can totally makeover your room.

There are numerous ways you can improve the look of your kitchen design in Kennett Square, PA, without wasting money on excess or turning away the next new owners of your home. Take simple steps, stay in tune with the overall look of your house and work with professionals who have reputations of excellence.

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