Things to Do About Pet Stain Removal in Cheyenne, WY Before Calling the Professionals

by | Jun 23, 2015 | Cleaning

Fresh carpeting in the home adds style and plush comfort. When little girls have slumber parties, it is nice to have plush carpeting to put extra bedding on the floor. When entertaining guests, its a refreshing touch when guests can get comfortable and take off their shoes. However, all that turns to ugliness when the carpet gets stained and retain smelly odors from the household pets. A company that provides Pet Stain Removal Cheyenne WY knows the embarrassing moments that can come when the carpet starts emitting foul odors. Here are some things that homeowners can do about these pet urine stains before calling in a professional.

  • Keep in mind that the longer pet urine stays in a carpet, the more damage that will be done to the carpet. Pet urine will seep deep into the carpet, all the way down through the matting, actually. If it sets in, the carpet will suffer damage and the jute back will rot. That’s why it is best to remove the urine as quickly as possible.
  • Cat urine is worse than that of a dog and will produce a strong, acidic odor which will stain the carpet easily. This is because a cat’s diet consists of more protein. As soon as the urine is able to be located and cleaned thoroughly, the better chance the homeowner has of saving the carpet.
  • Urine can easily be traced using a blacklight. Under the blacklight, the urine will show up as a green or yellow glow. Any other color will be another substance.
  • A company that offers Pet Stain Removal Cheyenne WY suggests that if you catch pet urine in its fresh stage, to immediately clean the surface with a solution of 50/50 water and white vinegar.

Rocky Mountain Carpet Cleaning & Restoration has been offering solutions for Pet Stain Removal Cheyenne WY for several years. In addition to removing pet stains from carpets and area rugs, the company also does clean up from water damage, fire damage and flood damage. If you need a service to come out and do Pet Stain Removal Cheyenne WY, you can visit the website of Rocky Mountain Carpet Cleaning & Restoration at website.

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