Advantages of Copper Gutters Over More Traditional Gutter Materials

by | Jun 22, 2015 | Gutters

Copper is not commonly mentioned as a possible rain gutter material. While it does cost more than traditional materials, it does have several advantages that make it worth considering for use in gutters. These are the advantages that copper has over other types of materials.

One of the advantages of Copper gutters is its overall lifespan. Most traditional materials only last for a relatively short period of time before they have to be replaced. Copper has a lifespan of eighty years or more. Even though their initial cost is higher, there are no real replacements costs for a very long time. This can translate to an overall savings down the road. Some of these type of gutters have been known to last over a hundred years or more.

Another advantage of copper is that it is a low maintenance material. Because of the of the material, copper maintains its properties against the changes in weather. Some materials such as aluminum will rust and deteriorate over time. This deterioration can render your gutters ineffective at directing water movement. Since you don’t have to worry about copper rotting, the gutters will still be intact long after other materials have disintegrated.

An increase in curb appeal is another big advantage of Copper gutters. Copper is a naturally beautiful material that helps to enhance your curb appeal. Since a lot of your home’s value is dependent on how well it looks on the outside, the copper can add a lot of value. Even if you aren’t selling your home, you can still enjoy the enhancement that the gutters offer to your home. They also fit into many different types of styles of home decor. Since the material has been used around the world to enhance many different styles of buildings, it will often fit right into your home’s style

The use of copper as a gutter material has been used throughout history. While more modern materials have become common for gutter materials, the lifespan, the amount of maintenance and the curb appeal it brings can make it a material to consider for your gutters. For Quality service and workmanship, contact a roofer experienced in installing copper.

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