The Distinct Advantages of Frameless Shower Door Enclosures in Santa Clarita CA

by | Jun 14, 2019 | Home Improvement

Frameless Shower Door Enclosures in Santa Clarita CA have become increasingly popular in recent years. People who are unfamiliar with this style may want to learn more about it before choosing the more traditional framed doors for the remodeling project.

About Frameless Doors

Homeowners who have always had a shower curtain may have decided they want a door instead, but they have been thinking about a door that slides in a frame. Most frameless doors open outward, although it is possible to have a sliding model installed. A door that opens outward obviously requires a large enough room for the door to swing far enough in that direction. A shower door cannot only swing into the enclosure. If anyone falls in the shower, another person must be able to open the door and help.

A Streamlined Look

When considering bathroom remodeling, many homeowners decide they want a more streamlined look for their master bathroom. They can accomplish this with frameless shower doors.

Some metal is necessary for holding the enclosure in place, but the manufacturers and installation professionals do an excellent job at minimizing the amount and visibility. It is definitely nothing like having aluminum tracks on four sides of the shower door. A supplier such as Palmdale Glass and Mirror Company builds doors for custom orders and installs them for the clients.

Ease of Cleaning

In addition to the sleeker look provided by frameless Shower Door Enclosures in Santa Clarita CA, this is also the easiest type of shower partition to clean. There are no frames where limescale, soap scum and mold can start to accumulate. There is no curtain that must be removed and put in the washing machine or scrubbed by hand. Plastic curtains can look a bit tacky in an upscale master bath, and fabric ones need routine washing. With frameless doors, all someone must do is wipe down the interior of the space occasionally.

Especially when homeowners choose clear instead of opaque frameless shower doors, their bathroom looks more open with natural light or artificial light flowing to every part of the space. Eliminating the frames enhances that a step further with several more feet of glass instead of metal.

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