Fix your home’s heat and air with this affordable solution

by | Jun 12, 2019 | Air Conditioning

Nothing makes your home more comfortable than working air and heat. In fact, proper heating and air are crucial for living for many people who live in extreme cold or heat regions or who have medical conditions.

The U.S. Energy Department reports that air conditioning doesn’t exist in one-third of American households. Most of these people can’t afford it, but some choose to do without for a number of reasons.

The number of those living without heat rose in recent years. A reason for the rise is large because appropriations paying for heat was reduced by one-third beginning in 2010, according to industry reports.

Residents with heating and cooling issues now have a new option for getting what they need. Microf is a company putting customers as a priority in providing assistance to restore cooling and heating to homes.

A primary feature of Microf is in its financing heating and air. It has a unique strategy resulting in multiple payment options and convenient contracts. Microf’s rent-to-own solutions help those who need minimal financing requirements for approval. This is completely different from traditional lenders.

The online application is easy to fill out and customers can receive an immediate pre-approval. There are also live representatives on hand to guide you through the process if you call 855-MICROF1.

Once you are financing heating, Microf has a contractor network you can utilize to remedy your heating and cooling needs. Microf is a nationwide company with a number of registered contractors capable of restoring your air and heat in your residence. The company has done extensive work to educate contractors on accessing its product.

Payments are made easily online.

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