The Best Natural Stone Countertops Company in Melbourne, FL

by | Dec 14, 2016 | Kitchen Improvements

You can choose many different materials for your bathroom and kitchen counters. You need to consider them carefully because there are many different materials that do not work very well for bathrooms and kitchens. Bathrooms and kitchens deal with a large amount of heat and moisture so your countertops need to be able to resist that. You can choose a vinyl countertop or try to seal a wooden countertop, but that is a temporary solution. Instead, you could choose a natural stone countertops company to design a custom stone countertop to fit your needs.

Stone Is the Better Idea

Stone is the best choice for your countertops for several different reasons. The natural stones that are used to make countertops are nonporous and waterproof. Marble and granite are the two most common types of stone for countertops. They will provide you with waterproof surfaces that don’t require any type of further waterproofing. Also, since they are nonporous, the heat and humidity in a bathroom will not affect them. They will not swell in the heat and moisture the way a wooden countertop might. The best natural stone countertops company in Melbourne, FL is one that provides you with custom countertops. You can see some examples at Furthermore, you should look into the thickness of the stone.

Thickness of the Stone

The thickness of the stone is one of the most important considerations. A natural stone countertops company can advise you on how thick you need your counter to be. The thickness is determined by the aesthetics of the counter as well as how much overhang you would like. The overhang of your countertop is the amount of stone that hangs over the edge of the base. Thinner stone can be fragile if you have a large amount of overhang. You should consult with professionals about what will work best. Visit website for the best natural stone countertops company in Melbourne, FL.

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