4 Tips To Picking Out Picture-Perfect Curtains For Your Windows

by | Dec 14, 2016 | Home design

There’s something satisfying about shopping around and finding the piece that’s perfect for a corner or room in your home. Finding the right curtains for windows isn’t any different. Not quite an expert at picking out draperies and curtains? Here’s how to make sure you don’t make a costly shopping mistake:

Repeat the wall color

Match the curtains with your walls by repeating the wall color. Yellow walls will work well with a pattern with a yellow background. You don’t even have to go for the exact color. Go with something a shade or two darker or lighter. You’ll still achieve the same color-coordinated result.

Go monochrome

Want to make the room seem larger? Go for curtains in solid colors. Pick walls in the same color family. You can choose lighter or darker hues. The subtle color difference will create an unbroken line, resulting in a coherent look and vibe. For instance, if you’ve got pink walls, picking out window blinds or coverings in coral can give your room the polish and finishing touch it needs.

Stay neutral

If you’ve got strong wall colors, then you can also try pairing them up with curtains for windows in neutral shades, says Blinds and Designs. This way, you can ease up on the intensity of your walls. That or go for curtains with contrasting bands of fabric on the hem to keep those neutrals from getting boring.

Go with contrast

However, if you want something to pop, play with solid contrasts. Have walls in neutral shades? Go for wall coverings in strong, contrasting shades. Deep ochre tones will go over well with light, cream walls.

Shopping for the right window shades can be fun. A little bit of color coordination, the right combinations and you can end up with charming, even spectacular, results.

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