The Basics of Lawn Irrigation for Kalamazoo

by | Nov 10, 2012 | Landscaping Outdoor Decorating

If you want to upgrade your watering system and put in a lawn irrigation system in Kalamazoo there are a few things for you to know ahead of time. Many people have lots of questions when they want to change their watering systems. If you have questions you are not alone. Here are some answers to what you might already be asking yourself about lawn irrigation and how it will change your life.

First, you should know that there are in fact, several different systems that can be installed in your yard or garden. Working with professionals will help to ensure that you get the right system for your specific needs. Each system is unique because each yard is unique. Most systems that you will find have a controller, valves, and sprinklers.

The controller is what runs the system. This is what some might consider the brain or the computer of the irrigation system. The valves are what open and close the tubes and keeps the water flowing through the system. The sprinklers are what the system uses to distribute the water over the lawn, garden, or yard.

When putting in an irrigation system you will need to know where the water source is and where it is coming from. You will need to know what kind of water pressure you are dealing with, as well as soil type, plants, and weather patterns in your area.

A water system will help you to conserve water because the water will be directed to exactly where it needs to be for the plants. There will be less runoff and water evaporation if you have a precise and well-installed system. Plus, you won’t have to worry about forgetting to turn the water off and wasting money. A professionally installed system will make your life easier and you won’t have to waste any of your own time watering the lawn. It will all happen without you having to worry about it.

The process of putting in an irrigation system will tear up your yard, but this chaos is only temporary and professional installers will leave your yard looking as good as it did before they started, or even better. The goal for installation is to make as little damage as possible, but there will be some amount of damage done in order to get the system underground.


Working with professionals, like the people who work at Sanderson and DeHaan, you will get the perfect lawn irrigation system for your specific needs. They have been in the business a long time in order to help people just like you create the yard, garden, and lawn of their dreams.

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