Landscape Rock And Pebbles In San Diego

by | Nov 16, 2012 | Home Improvement

Pebbles in San Diego are used extensively for landscaping and to provide an external veneer to structures. Pebbles of many sizes and shapes are available; they can come from washed river rocks or from undressed ground rock. Regardless of the source, pebbles in San Diego come in a wide variety of colors and in the case of river pebbles, the colors are dependent upon the river they were taken from.

Pebbles in San Diego are often found as paths or walkways or used as a base for trees and ornamental shrubbery. When the pebbles are used around the base of trees they are often laid over a plastic sheet which eliminates any unwanted weed or grass growth in the pebble bed.

Pebbles are used effectively as an anti slip surface around swimming pools and on public walks. A traditional concrete base is poured to the size and shape required and while still pliable, pebbles are scattered over the wet cement. The density of the pebbles can be random or complete cover. The pebbles are settled into the concrete surface and then the surface is washed with water from a hose. The pebbles in San Diego are left clean and exposed while the concrete binder is washed away, the result is a beautiful surface, non-slip and easy to maintain. This treatment, often called pebble dash is cleaned with a stiff brush and soapy water and then hosed down, preferably with high pressure water. Pebble dash is also very effective when used on walls.

When pebbles in San Diego are used as pebble dash for walls, the process usually means the manufacture of tiles which are made the same as the process for walks but are made in molds and are tile size for ease of installation. Pebble stone tiles are available pre-manufactured but they can be made quite simply by the DIY homemaker.

A pebble mold is available from the garden center, all that is needed other than the mold is cement, aggregate water and pebbles of whatever color and texture have been selected for the application. A thin-set concrete mixture is made and poured into the molds, the pebbles are sprinkled on top of the concrete, allowed to set until the pebbles are bonded but the cement is still somewhat wet. With a hose, the tile surfaces are washed with water until the pebbles in San Diego stand proud and are free from any concrete residue. Once the appropriate quantity of pebble dash tiles has been produced they can be installed in the same manner as ceramic tiles.

Pebble dash tiles make a nice change from mosaic as kitchen backsplashes and shower enclosures.

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