Signs it is Time for Chimney Repair in New Britain Ct

It is not always easy to tell by looking at a chimney that an issue is present. However, there are a number of visible signs that can indicate a problem. Being aware of these signs can help a homeowner determine when it is time to call for Chimney Repair in New Britain Ct.

Mortar Joints that are Damaged

While this problem may require a rooftop vantage point to spot, damaged mortar joints in between the masonry on the chimney is a serious issue that needs to be quickly repaired. If this repair is not done in a timely manner, it can result in accelerated damage to the entire chimney structure since the condition will expose the bricks to more moisture and, as a result, more damage. In the long run, if a homeowner fails to call for Chimney Repair in New Britain Ct, the chimney may collapse.

Rust on the Firebox or Damper

If there are any signs of moisture in a chimney or in a fireplace, then it is a red flag that the chimney is not operating properly. Rust is one of the most obvious clues that there is excessive moisture present. If a homeowner notices rust on the damper or firebox, they should call for repairs right away.

Rusting is the product of the presence of moisture in the chimney. If it is left, it can cause a number of issues, including cracks in the flue tiles. A deteriorated or cracked flue lining can be extremely dangerous, since it may allow heat into certain areas, resulting in a house fire.

Spalling Bricks

Spalling is a problem that occurs when water gets into the chimney’s bricks, concrete, or natural stone. When this happens, the surface of the masonry may flake off, peel off or pop out. In some cases, salt can also push outward and result in spalling.

Being aware of the signs of a problem can help ensure that a homeowner knows when to call for chimney repair. If a homeowner needs more information, they can visit the website. Knowing the most obvious signs of an issue can help ensure it is fixed in a timely manner before it has a chance to get worse.

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