Cleaning The Chimney Post Winter Season

As winter draws to a close, don?t forget to have a professional chimney sweep visit your home for a chimney cleaning in Columbus OH. Just because the colder months are coming to an end and it?s warming up enough that you won?t be using your fireplace anymore, it?s important to bring in a professional to clean out your flue and appraise the state of your fireplace and chimney. A properly maintained fireplace can significantly reduce the risk of personal injury home fires, so it?s worth hiring a professional to take a look at the structure on a regular basis to look for signs of wear and tear that may need repair and to perform a thorough and detailed chimney cleaning.

If you?ve never hired a chimney sweep before, there?s no time like the present. Some of the most valuable instruction you can receive from a professional chimney sweep is basic fireplace education. Many homeowners find they are using their fireplaces incorrectly or they have erroneously believed they can sufficiently clean their chimney themselves using at-home remedies you can purchase from the hardware store. Many of these myths can be quickly dispelled and righted by a chimney professional, and they can direct you on the proper care and maintenance of their fireplace to achieve maximum efficiency and safety for years to come with chimney cleaning in Columbus, OH.

Creosote buildup is a natural part of burning wood. Many people believe that burning drier hard wood does not produce creosote buildup, and that is a falsehood. All wood creates creosote; it?s just that dry hard wood produces less than softer, wetter wood. It?s important to receive chimney cleaning in Columbus OH when the creosote has built up to about ? inch on the flue walls or the smoke chamber.

Creosote can also become glazed in the flue. It is hard, shiny and looks very much like tar. To the untrained eye, glazed creosote can look like a part of the flue. This is a dangerous miscalculation, because gone untreated, glazed creosote can ignite and cause a chimney fire if a stray piece of ignited newspaper comes into contact with it. Glazed creosote calls for specialized chimney cleaning service in Ohio. Regular brushing cannot remove it, and a process called roto-cleaning must be performed to remove it before it causes potential damage due to neglect.

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