Selecting the Right Tile or Pavers for Your Travertine Floors

by | Mar 23, 2015 | Flooring

Travertine Tile Is One of the Best Flooring Options Available at Travel Locator

Travertine tile from Travel Locator is very popular for New Construction, landscaping and remodeling. Due to the lack of metal content, it is considered safe against fire and natural wear and tear. Travertine floor tile is tough and has a non-slippery surface, which makes it a perfect choice for your various flooring needs.

Travertine tiles at Travertine Locator have some amazing features. One of the key properties of Travertine tile that we offer is that it can remain cool even in hot weather. This will give you a pleasant experience while walking on it.?? You can use Travertine tiles anywhere in your home or commercial space.? They are frequently use in kitchen and bathroom floors, bedroom and other living spaces. Our pavers are idea for balcony flooring, bench tops and driveways patios, lanai?s and walkways. We also over coping fro around your swimming pool edge and our pavers work great in the area surrounding the pool, as it is naturally resistant to salt.

Selecting the Right Travertine Tile for Flooring

At Travertine Locator, we offer a wide range of tiles and pavers to help you get the perfect travertine floors.

Filled and Honed

One of the selections of the surface of the travertine tile is filled and then honed to make it flat and smooth. At Travertine Location the honing process is done carefully, so that the stone doesn?t end up getting polished. You can choose between several available filled and honed travertine tiles like Antique Gold, Country Classic, Golden Ivory, Silver, Lycus River to name a few.

Brushed and Chiseled Titles

Another of our popular surfaces is Brushed and Chiseled. Travertine is naturally porous and has a great texture. This property of travertine is used to maximum effect in brushed and chiseled titles and pavers, by treating it with wire brush. Brushed and chiseled tiles at Travertine Locator have an aged and earthy appearance to it that is further enhanced by its chiseled edges. We offer brushed and chiseled titles and pavers that are best suited for areas with surfaces that tend to get slippery due to their exposure to moisture. Options available with us are Ivory Cream, Premium Autumn Leaves and Leonardo Select

Tumbled Tiles

We take a lot of pain to produce great Tumbled titles. We place Travertine stone with abrasive sand into a large tumbler and then shake them well to achieve a tumbled finish. After the tumbling process, the edges are softened to add a rustic look to the tiles. Tumbled tile is one of the most popular types of travertine tiles that can be used for both external and internal flooring purposes. You can make your travertine floors with tumbled tiles by selecting among our tumbled tile offerings like Silver, Desert Gold, Premium Noce and Ivory.

Polished Travertine Tiles

To add grace and style to your travertine floor, use polished travertine tiles. You can install them on floors or walls based on your preferences. It has a glossy finish that makes it gorgeous to look at. Some of the best polished travertine tiles for your floors that you can purchase from us are Premium Leonardo, premium Autumn Blend and our beautiful Savannah Sunset.

Choose the Size and Color According to Your Taste

At Travertine Locator, we offer travertine tiles for a great looking travertine floors in all kinds of sizes and colors. We have a range of travertine tiles that will cover all of your flooring requirements.

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