Misting Fans: Temperature, Dust and Odor Control Systems

Effective air filtration and cooling in commercial and industrial facilities is always an important factor to consider. Misting fans can serve as air cooling, filtration, and odor control systems simultaneously ? making them especially beneficial to companies looking to cover all air circulation bases. Whatever your needs are for your business, indoor and outdoor misting systems offer some of the most effective solutions for companies in a variety of industries. Whether you?re buying for your industrial plant, commercial structure, or home, misting fans are low maintenance options.

Chemical Management
For certain types of facilities, odor control is a major concern. Water treatment plants, industrial facilities, compost facilities, and other organizations frequently cope with unpleasant, often harmful, odors. Indoor and outdoor odor control systems are ideal when it comes to removing methane, hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, and carbon dioxide from work places. These types of systems are especially important because some chemicals, such as carbon dioxide and methane, can be fatal in large doses. Interior or exterior misting fans are a smart way to protect yourself and your employees from potentially toxic exposure.

Dust Control
As well as filtering hazardous chemicals from the air, misting systems remove a considerable amount of dust. Air filtration ? particularly in indoor facilities ? is crucial to the health and safety of employees. Dust eliminating systems produce a large volume of 10 micron fog droplets ? which absorb dust particles and pull them to the floor rather than allowing them to circulate. Esteemed misting system suppliers can assist you with choosing the right indoor or outdoor solution for your business, based on your needs and concerns.

Cooling Solutions
In addition to air filtration, indoor and outdoor misting systems are especially effective cooling solutions. All sorts of commercial and industrial businesses can benefit from the innovation of misting fans, as well as homeowners. The billions of water droplets emitted by high powered commercial and industrial misting systems eliminate heat swiftly and efficiently, and leave behind cooler air. Misting systems can also help you protect your equipment and staff by keeping humidity levels at a safe, reasonable level ? which is generally below 50%. Top quality misting systems continue to cool newly ventilated air without raising humidity levels.

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