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One of the most important components of your house is the roof. The roof serves a wide range of services in every house. To begin with, the roof protects you from harsh weather conditions such as the scorching sun and rain. The roof also secures your home from intrusion. There is a wide range of roofing materials that are employed in making roofs. Some of the commonly used roofing Philadelphia materials include;

* One of the commonly used roofing materials is shingles. Commonly, shingles are made from asphalt and they are similar to the materials you may find on highways. They are advantageous as they are not only affordable but they are also appealing in appearance. It is easy to repair a roof made from shingles. When repairing a damaged roof, you do not have to replace a large portion but just the small affected area. The shingles come in many designs and colors. Some of the best types of shingles are the architectural shingles. They are a bit costly but very durable.

* Another alternative roofing Philadelphia material is the cedar shakes or wood shingles. The wood shingles work almost like the conventional shingles but they are friendly to the environment. They are quite appealing in appearance, much more than the conventional shingles. Some of the limitation associated with this material is low resistance to fires, mold and splits. However, most wooden shingles have special finishes and glazes that make them more resistant. They are long lasting and their beauty will last for a long period.

* You may also have heard about the metallic roofs. Metal is also a commonly used roofing material. Roofs made from metal are very easy to maintain. Actually, the only maintenance that may be needed is regular repainting from time to time. Once installed, you can hardly notice that the roof is metallic. The metallic roofs can be tailored to resemble the common roofs. Initially, you may incur a high cost in installing a metallic roof. However, it is a worthy investment as the metallic roofs can last for a remarkable period of time. These roofs can last double the periods lasted by other roof types.

* Using metal as a roofing Philadelphia material has additional benefits. The metallic roofs are very effective in bouncing off the ultra violet rays. Your house is therefore not likely to be too warm or humid if you have a metallic roof in place. Metallic roofs can be made from a wide range of materials. Some of the commonly used materials include aluminum, copper and stainless steel to name just but a few.

* The roofing material you choose will depend on your taste and preference. Your choice of material will also depend on your financial budget. Some materials are more costly than others.


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