Air Quality Analysis Is Part of HVAC Jobs in Dallas

You would never drive your car for ever without an oil change; the same should be true with servicing your air conditioner, HVAC Jobs in Dallas consist of many points which are part of a high quality air conditioning service.

To insure that your heating, ventilating and air conditioning equipment runs at peak performance, regular maintenance is a must. If the equipment is not multi-purpose, but your system has independent heating and air conditioning, a pre-season check up is also a very good idea. The last thing that anyone wants is to experience a failure right when you need it most.

HVAC Jobs in Dallas are year round, for a system that cools the maintenance is done in the spring and for systems that heat the maintenance is done in the fall.

Preventative maintenance is not expensive when you consider the alternative, a new system that is the result of poor or no maintenance at all.

Maintenance is one part of the equation, and a very important part. At the same time that maintenance is being done as an HVAC Jobs Dallas, the technician will be looking for ways that you can improve the performance and/or reduce the operating cost of your equipment. As time goes by new and improved equipment and components become available and often can be retrofitted into your equipment. A newly designed filter for example can improve the air flow as well as the air quality which can result in a lower utility bill and a healthier environment.

Energy Star, which is an undertaking of the EPA, recommends that the homeowner do certain things himself and leave the complex maintenance to the professionals who perform HVAC Jobs in Dallas. The primary responsibility of the homeowner should be to check the filters every month during the season when the equipment is being used. The HVAC contractor that does your maintenance can easily show you how to do this. His responsibilities lay in such things as the electrical system integrity, effective lubrication where it’s needed, assuring that the system is clean and the condensate drip hole is not clogged or plugged and that the controls are all functioning to specification.

On cooling only equipment the HVAC Jobs Dallas technicians will make sure the evaporator and condenser coils are cleaned and do not have any damage, they will check the refrigerant levels and make any necessary adjustments and they will clean the blower. This intensive cleaning and maintenance will result in lower electric costs as the equipment will be running at peak efficiency.

For heating specific equipment the HVAC Jobs Dallas maintenance personnel will be paying particular attention to all fuel connections, either gas or oil, fuel pressure the burner combustion efficiency and the heat exchanger. Any problems here can be dangerous and can lead to system failure.

HVAC Jobs Dallas – For complete air conditioning and heating repair, maintenance and new equipment, as well as home energy audits and air quality analysis contact Comfort Experts, Inc. serving the greater Dallas area.

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