Rent Dumpsters In San Antonio TX While A Renovation Project Is Underway

by | Oct 3, 2018 | Waste & Recycling

If a renovation project will be completed at a residence, an abundance of waste materials may not fit inside of trash cans that are used for household trash. A convenient way to dispose of materials is by renting Dumpsters in San Antonio TX. A dumpster will provide a cost-effective and environmentally safe way to dispose of items.

Choose A Dumpster Size And Style

A dumpster size and style should be selected when a client account is opened. A customer is not required to rent a dumpster for any longer than they need one for. A standard dumpster consists of a metal container that has an overhead cover secured to it.

A large roll-off container is a waste receptacle that contains a cover and a side door. This type of container will provide a convenient way to dispose of heavy items. A customer is provided with the opportunity to schedule an appointment to have a container emptied. A client can also contact a waste disposal company when they are finished with a project and would like a dumpster to be picked up from a residential address.

Request Information About Recyclables

Materials that can be used to create new products shouldn’t be thrown into Dumpsters in San Antonio TX because tossing recyclables into the trash is bad for the environment and will cause trash facilities to fill up quicker than they would if materials were salvaged. Containers that are designated solely for recyclables can be acquired from a sanitation company.

Paper tissues, plastic bags, wax containers and disposable dinnerware and cutlery are items that cannot be recycled. Plastic, aluminum, tin, glass, corrugated cardboard, boxboard materials and mixed paper can be recycled. A client can store all of the recyclable materials in the same container and the materials will be picked up when a dumpster or trash can is emptied.

When visiting or a similar website, information about residential and commercial services can be attained. A breakdown of the rental containers and the materials that are accepted by a waste company are listed and there are detailed instructions pertaining to opening a client account. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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