How About a Roll Off Dumpster in St Paul MN?

When you have a large project ahead of you, whether that project is cleaning, construction, remodeling, landscaping, or something else entirely, chances are it’s going to make waste that you need to get rid of. It may be more than your regular home or business trash service can handle. But trying to haul it all down to a landfill one pickup load at a time can be incredibly costly in terms of time and money (not to mention effort!)

One good solution may be to rent a roll off dumpster from a junk removal company.

A roll off dumpster is an open container, usually rectangular, and coming in a range of sizes. The sizes are measured in cubic yards, which tells you how much the dumpster can hold. Often they come in sizes ranging from 5 to 30 cubic yard sizes, though some companies have different sizes available. Generally the dumpsters are also wheeled, so they can be moved to the appropriate location to meet your needs. What size of roll off container you need is something you should determine ahead of time. You don’t want to order a container that will be too small for the job, since it’ll get full and stall your progress. But if you get something too large it will be more difficult to park somewhere, and may be more expensive than the job needs to be.

You do want to be certain that you have somewhere appropriate to put a roll off dumpster before you decide to use one. These containers can be very large, and have to be parked somewhere that you can fill them. In addition to having the right amount of space for the dumpster, you need one with the correct surface. The dumpsters require a hard surface, but not dirt, to park on. Dirt can easily turn into mud if it rains or there’s a nearby sprinkler, and the company may not be able to remove the container if it sinks into the mud. Asphalt and concrete are acceptable surfaces, but can potentially be scratched by the dumpster’s wheels. If this worries you, often a sheet of plywood can protect the surface.

In addition to organizing the dumpster being dropped off at your location, you want to schedule a time for it to be picked up. The waste removal company can help you determine the best time frame. It may be a same-day job, and they may even be able to provide assistance in putting trash in the roll off. It may be something you want for a few days while you complete a project. Or it may be something you need longer term. If it’s a very major job, like serious construction or remodeling, you may have to schedule more than one pick up.

Having a roll off dumpster available to you can make projects far easier, and can help with portions you have a hard time handling on your own.

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