Reasons to Get New Carpet

by | Mar 18, 2013 | Carpets

There are a lot of ways to improve your current home. And there are a lot of reasons why you want to improve the look of your home. The reasons for improvement could be you are looking to sell it and move to another home, you have a big event coming up like a graduation party or a retirement party or maybe you simply want to change the look of a room. Finding new carpet in Dayton can be done fairly easily no matter why you want new carpeting.

Improve the Room’s Look

If you are a family with kids or pets, then the carpet in any room, no matter type of room it is, will see lots of wear and tear. And not to mention spills! Kids means spills on the floor, no matter how careful they are, so expect that when you have young ones there will be drinks spilled, lunched dumped over and of course, muddy footprints coming in. Newer carpet in Dayton can give the rooms with the most wear and tear a brand new and clean look.

New carpet in Dayton can also improve a room’s look by changing up the style of carpeting chosen. Maybe the carpet in the living room wasn’t dirty, because the kids had grown up twenty years ago. There are some rooms that simply have not been updated because the owner got around to it or they didn’t feel it needed it so much. But now it is the perfect time for an update. Choose new carpet that will brighten a room, make it appear larger or give it a welcoming feel inside.

Types of Carpet to Pick From

Carpet isn’t just carpet anymore. There are carpets with shag fibers, multi-colored patterns, flecks, textures, heights and softness to look over. Depending on what room you are carpeting can determine what styles you are looking at. For example, the living room could certainly benefit from some plush carpet for everyone to walk in on. The bedroom might like plush carpet to make the feet stay warmer. A kitchen or an entryway might want short carpet that is easier to keep clean and free from wear and tear since they are highly trafficked rooms.

The durability of the carpet can also be chosen. Not every brand or style is created the same. Some fibers are meant for rooms with light use while others can take heavy traffic and wear with shoes or bare feet. Check the manufacturer directions for assistance if you are having trouble settling on a type of carpet. Go with the kind that looks great in the room or rooms you are sprucing up and the one that feels best on your feet and for your pocketbook!


If you are looking for new carpet in Dayton, visit The Carpet Store showroom for ideas. They have styles in every color and texture to fit perfectly in to your room.

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