Quality Amish Garage Kits That Are Easy for You to Assemble

by | Dec 16, 2019 | Home Improvement

When it’s time to replace or add a structure around your home, designing and erecting the perfect build can be a long and laborious undertaking. This is especially true for garages. It must be visually pleasing and complimentary to your home, but it also must be functional while having plenty of room for your vehicles and everything else that must be stored. However, successful building companies such as Backyard and Beyond have made it easy to select and assemble a new garage from pre-assembled kits.


The best kits come from companies that have a long history in building home structures. Backyard and Beyond is a family-run company that is currently run by a third generation. That’s nearly 40 years of Amish garages for sale.


A reputable company has many garage kit plans that cover a variety of styles. Whether you need living or storage space above the parking area, simplicity, or an exquisite exterior, established builders satisfy many tastes with their products.

Easy Assembly

The best kit garages take only a day or so to fully assemble by people with limited experience. Complexity will add time, but easy-to-follow plans and quality parts make each step productive and attainable.

Backyard and Beyond is a family-owned builder of quality outdoor structures. Established in 1980, we have since grown to a be leader in the manufacturing and shipping of these structures. Visit our website to view our full line of Amish garages for sale and other products.

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