Pros and Cons of Purchasing Metal Roof Panels

by | Apr 26, 2018 | Roofing

What do you know about metal roof panels? Metal roofs can be an excellent alternative to shingle roofing. They last longer, they look great, and they give your home a unique addition, but are they completely flawless? There are a few pros and cons of metal roofing, some you may have never thought about. Take a look at this, before buying metal roof panels.


  • Life Expectancy. The life expectancy of metal roofs can be 100 years! A properly installed roof will last as long as your home. It will keep water out, survive the elements, such as winds, snow, and even fire. The metal is also resistant to insects, erosion, and mold.
  • Warranties. Most warranties cover 50 years of your roof’s lifespan. If you decide to have a paint finish the warranty may be less than that, as paint will wear faster than a solely metal roof. This usually only reduces the warranty to 30 years, still a very long time!
  • Weight. Surprisingly, metal roofs are lightweight. This is great for the durability of your home overall. They can be installed over the current roofing, or you can choose to take off your old roofing and then have the metal installed.
  • Speedy Installation. Metal roofs come in panels, as you may already know. This helps the installation process to be much faster than a shingle roof. If your contractor is very experienced, they will be able to install the roof very quickly.
  • And More!


  • Cost. Metal roofs can be expensive. Ultimately, you “save” because of the durability and longevity of metal roofs, but the initial cost can still be overwhelming.
  • Noise. Metal roofs are noisier than shingle roofs. You can hear rain, hail, snow, wind, basically all of nature. Noise can be controlled, but it is ultimately much noisier than shingle roofs.
  • Fires. Although it can protect from outside fires, inside fires are a different story. Firemen may need to cut through your roof to be able to put out an interior fire. This will take more time than a shingle roof, which would ultimately burn.

What Do You Think?

Although there are pros and cons of metal roofing, the pros usually outweigh the cons. Give 1st Coast Metal Roofing Supply, in the Ocala area a call to get more information about metal roof panels in Ocala.

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