Preparing For Residential Curbside Trash Collection

by | Nov 8, 2016 | Waste & Recycling

When someone moves into a new home, there will be a need to contact a service to do Residential Curbside Trash Collection. Preparing trash and cans properly is important so trash is contained in a way that wildlife or even a neighbor’s dog does not disperse the contents around the homeowner’s property. Here are some steps one can take to ensure their trash remains in the cans until the garbage collection service arrives.

Watch What Is Thrown Away To Reduce Odor

It is best to avoid putting biodegradable items such as vegetable and fruit peels into household garbage. These tend to get pungent the longer they are contained, leading to possible odor problems as a result. Instead, place these items inside a compost pile to create soil for garden usage.

Keep Garbage Cans In A Secure Location

Keep trash inside a locked shed or garage when waiting for pick up day. This will help keep it safe from wildlife and will also keep odor away from areas where people are sure to frequent. Do not bring the trash out to the curb until right before the scheduled pick up time to ensure trash does not emit an odor, which can attract wildlife.

Use The Right Cans For The Job

It is a good idea to use garbage cans that have lids that lock into place. These usually have handles that can be placed in a downward position to keep the lid from falling off the container. Some use garbage can carts to keep wildlife out of them. Check with the refuse service to see if a cart can be put at the curb or if the cans have to be removed for pickup.

If someone needs to schedule Residential Curbside Trash Collection, they will want to hire a service known for their reliability and great pricing. Check out to find out more about a professional business that offers a variety of services to their customers. They can also be found on Google+ if desired. Call today to get an estimate for garbage pickup or to schedule for service if desired.

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