Preparing For Home Energy Audits In Phoenix

by | Sep 17, 2014 | Air Conditioning

There are many different reasons that homeowners choose to have professional technicians come in and complete energy audits in Phoenix. It may be because the homeowner is being proactive in ensuring that their home is as energy efficient as possible or it may be because of problems within the home with temperature regulation or ever increasing heating bills.

Regardless of the specific reason these energy audits can really provide both short and long term energy savings. Having them professionally done and not use a do-it-yourself type of kit is always the best and most accurate audit. In addition if you use a professional you will be eligible for various rebates and cost savings programs that you cannot access if you do the audit yourself or through a company that is not approved to complete the tests.

Getting Ready

There is really very little that you need to do to prepare for energy audits in Phoenix. However, to make things easier for the technician you can make a few simple adjustments.

If you have experienced any irregularities in your heating or air conditioning system make a list of the issues you have noted. This could include rooms that seem to be hotter or colder than the rest of the home or if you have noticed musty odors or a lot of dust in the air in various rooms.

For those homeowner that keep hard copies of utility bills have them on hand for the auditor. You can also print them off the utilities website in advance for easy reference.

Pets and Kids

When performing energy audits in Phoenix the auditor will need to access the various rooms in your home as well as the exterior of the house. There is no need to remove pets or children, but if you can monitor and supervise this will be very helpful.

The technician, depending on the quality and comprehensive nature of the audit, will bring in a range of different type of testing equipment. This can include special devices to measure air flow through the HVAC system as well as infrared cameras that can detect hot spots within your home. For more information visit

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