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by | Oct 20, 2016 | Electronics and Electrical

With our changing climate, as well as the Earth’s summer tilt towards the sun, the heat can get pretty intense. You’ve understandably looked for many different ways to cool down during the summer months. This may involve things like ice cream, or parasols, or just getting into a room with air conditioning.

Very few of us, in fact, consider getting our own personal cooling system to deal with the summer heat. It is, however, handy when you’re out on a walk or doing something else that exposes you to the heat. Especially considering that overheating can pose several risks.


There’s no question that temperature extremes can be very uncomfortable. While discomfort is hardly life-threatening, it can get in the way of a good walk or an afternoon jog. A personal cooling system can help you stay out for longer, allowing you to maximize the benefits of your daily routine or enjoy a day at the county fair.


Extreme heat can cause you to lose plenty of water through sweating and evaporation. You may know by now that anywhere between 60 to 80 percent of your body is made of water. If you lose as little as three liters of water in your body, you may begin feeling weak and uncomfortable and, let’s face it, too much sweating feels downright nasty.
A personal cooling system helps you avoid this by lowering your body temperature enough that you won’t get as sweaty as you normally would.

Hot Flashes

Ladies of a certain age go through life changes and can regularly be hunted by those pesky hot flashes. It does not matter what you are doing, all of a sudden it hits and you are overcome by the sudden desire to remove all clothes and possibly even go ice fishing. But let’s face it ladies, unless you are in the privacy of your own home, the option of going a la natural is not a feasible one. Enter Cool On The Go. When your body temperature reaches a certain level, you turn on your personal cooling device and voila! Those otherwise compromising urges are subdued by a cool breeze of fresh air that leaves you full of joy.

So make your life more comfortable and choose the best personal cooling system in the market, Cool On The Go. This durable and popular system provides you with lightweight cooling and a clever hands-free design, making it ideal if you want to reduce your risks for heat-related  nuisances, hassle-free.

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