Needing Help For Smoke Damage Cleaning in Pittsburgh, PA

by | Mar 15, 2016 | Cleaning

Fire damage is hard to clean and should be left to professionals. Experts say clean-up should start quickly. That is because combustion takes place during a fire. Soot and other vapors expand in the air and travel to nearly every surface. Likewise, the fire department leaves a lot of water behind. Smoke, ash and water can permanently damage a home. First, people with breathing problems should not hang around afterwards. Contractors use dust masks and gloves. And, they make sure the home is ventilated before they start working.

Go online and find a contractor that handles smoke damage cleaning in Pittsburgh PA. Look on the website for the spot that says Visit us. Allowed to sit, smoke and soot turn plastic yellow. Further, other surfaces, including grout and furniture, will be discolored. In a matter of days, wood and vinyl have to be refinished. In addition, glasses and crystal start pitting. By the time contractors arrive, the smoke is hard like lacquer. They go to work by taking everything out of the house. They do this to assess all the damage. Afterwards, cleaning begins from top to bottom.

The ceilings and walls are cleaned with special solvents to remove smoke. Floors and upholstery are vacuumed using a special filter. Otherwise, soot gets back into the air. The outside walls are spray cleaned with detergent. Fire restorers may use counteractants that loosen smoke molecules. This cleaning helps to get rid of the odor, as well, Contractors use different substances, depending on what burned in the fire. Counteractants can be used on furniture, linens and carpets.

Professionals use many tools for Smoke Damage Cleaning in Pittsburgh PA. They know that smoke is often trapped on walls and in duct systems. Frequently, a process called thermal fogging is used. This is a chemical fog that is released in the home. It eliminates smoke odors permanently. Additionally, it may be hard to clean smoke trapped inside duct work. Therefore, contractors use chemical sealers to bind smoke to the ducts. This way, the smell is trapped in the ducts and cannot travel through the house. Remember, it is always best to leave hard jobs to the professionals.

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