Benefits Of One-Piece MDF Doors

If you’ve never heard of Medium-density fiberboard, you may be missing out on an exceptional product that can help you create sturdy doors, cabinets and more. It is a product made from wood though the wood is broken down from softwood residuals or hardwood and turned into wood fibers. It is then combined with resin and wax binders so that panels can be formed using high pressure and temperature. It is stronger than plywood and particleboard but may not be as strong as full wood options.

Two-Piece Vs. One

For the most part, a door is made from two pieces of MDF or wood. One part is typically used for the framing, and the other portion is used for the panel. However, up to five pieces can be used to create a door or cabinet, so it’s important to know which one your contractor or company will use.

Most people worry that one-piece options will warp because they aren’t as strong as wood. However, using a center rail can help ensure that it is strong and durable. Most companies that use medium-density fiberboard will also use a melamine-laminated back to make sure that warping doesn’t occur or that it is minimal and unnoticed.

As long as you have wide enough rails and stiles, and don’t have exceptionally long panels, you should be fine.

Less Material, Less Price

Two-piece versions will require at least 50 percent more materials and will likely be thinner than one-piece MDF doors. That means that you’ll have to pay more for the supplies used, and since it may take longer to manufacture, you may be paying more for that, as well.

Therefore, if you want to save some money, you may consider a one piece rather than a two.

Commodity vs. Premium Grades

If you use a company that uses commodity-grade medium-density fiberboard, you’re likely to notice a lot more warping because the board varies in density with these grades. The surface of commodity-grade versions are harder, but the core is still soft, partly because of the techniques used in manufacturing. While this option works great for panels and painting, you may find that it doesn’t work effectively for a door.

Premium grades or high-quality medium-density fiberboard should be designed particularly for a door, which will provide less warpage and won’t require as much sanding. Plus, the laminated back will ensure sturdiness and reduce warpage, as well.

One-piece MDF doors are a cost-effective option for those who want wood-like options without the high price. Visit Lovech Ltd. today to learn more.

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