Mechanical Problems that Can Require Garage Door Repair in Chicago

by | Jul 16, 2021 | Construction and Maintenance

The garage door is the central entrance and exit for many homes. Because of this, the garage door can get a lot of use and, like any mechanically operated items, it can also break down on occasion. A breakdown can leave the garage door in an inconvenient position. An open garage door can no longer be used to secure the space and can pose a safety hazard. A closed garage door can prevent convenient access for grocery store trips and not protect the cars outside from the weather.

One of the mechanical issues that requires Garage Door Repair in Chicago, is when the door goes off of its tracks. This can happen if the garage door is subjected to an impact or a damaged track system. When this metal becomes warped, the garage door will not open and close smoothly. Thus, the track system will have to be repaired in order to restore smooth operation.

Another mechanical issue that can plague a garage door is the failure of the opener’s motor. The motor’s operation is critical in providing the controlled lifting and lowering power of the system. If it breaks down, it can prevent remote operation of the door. If the motor fails while the garage door is opening, the loss of power can cause the door to stop at any position.

The sensor system is another item that requires Garage Door Repairs in Chicago. Since most sensors are a part of the safety system of the garage door, the door may not operate at all. Sensors can fail and may need to be replaced if they are not functioning properly. The sensors are required in order to keep the door from closing on moving objects, such as pets, children and cars. Thus, the sensors may be malfunctioning if the garage door fails to operate.

These are some of the mechanical issues that can occur with the a garage door. If you garage door is not functioning correctly, contact Roberts Garage Door Professionals of Chicago to get it repaired. Because a malfunctioning garage door is a potential safety hazard, it is important to get this fixed quickly.

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