3 Staging Tips to Help You Sell Your Charleston, SC, Home Faster

When it comes to staging a home for sale in Charleston, SC, your goal should be to help a potential buyer see themselves living in your house. This will involve creating an environment with as few distractions as possible. You should start by making plans to show your home while your kids are in school. Getting a pet sitter is also wise. Here are a few more home staging tips to help you sell faster.

Clear Out the Clutter

It’s a good idea to rent a self-storage unit close to home to help you transition once you do sell your home. In the meantime, you can use the storage unit to hold furnishings and other personal items that aren’t needed in your home. This will help you clear out as much clutter as possible for showings.

Create More Light

In addition to spaciousness, buyers want homes that get plenty of natural light. To that end, be sure the curtains and blinds are drawn when you’re staging your home. If a room still seems dark due to a lack of windows, try adding some mirrors. You can position mirrors strategically to reflect the light that does come into the room.

Add Some Live Plants

When staging a home for sale in Charleston, SC, consider adding potted plants in key areas throughout the home. Setting up a bouquet of flowers on the dining table and placing a fern in the living room will add a welcoming sight. Additionally, fresh plants in an indoor setting have been proven to positively affect mood and emotional health.

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