Looking Out For The Safety Of Homes In & Around Northeastern Illinois

by | Dec 21, 2015 | Security

It is an unfortunate fact of our daily lives that we are constantly under some sort of threat. Natural threats from the weather; or, accidental threats from fire; while not desired are considered as part and parcel of living anywhere in the world. What is harder to accept is the ever growing threat from our fellow humans; home invasion and other criminal activities are all, unfortunately, on the rise and not only in the big cities.

How Much Protection Do You Have?

Maybe the millionaire living on a large, remote estate can both justify and afford the cost of having a small army of security guards to protect him and his property; but this is certainly not the case for the average home owner in Illinois. That average home might not contain a lot of expensive items; but the contents will be of some value to a passing thief. The loss of property in a fire could well be a bigger blow to the average household than it would be to the millionaire and loss of human life is a tragedy for anyone.

What Value Do You Place On Your Family’s Safety And Protection?

You could almost say that no price is too high to pay for the protection of our families. However, we all have to be realistic and operate within our own personal financial budgets. For most of us, that rules out hiring our own fire brigade, emergency response team and security guards.

Of course; most of us are wise enough to take out insurance; but, that only provides compensation after the event. What we really need is a strong element of protection before the event.

Alarm Systems Linked To Surveillance & Remote Monitoring

The installation of modern computerized and wirelessly connected alarm systems is not cheap and, in addition, there is an on-going cost for the monitoring (an alarm that is ringing without being heard is not much use to anyone). Nevertheless; this is something that every home owner should consider. The quicker fire fighters arrive at the scene; the faster the fire will be brought under control; etc, etc.

Another aspect to consider is the deterrent effect of alarms. Many home invasions are spur of the moment opportunistic acts of random passersby; will that sort of ill intended person select a property that clearly advertizes itself as being protected by alarms and under surveillance?

When considering installing a Surveillance System in Chicago or its environs; a good place to start is to get in contact with Alert Protective Services.

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