Is Household Appliance Repair in Plymouth, MA Always Economical?

by | Dec 21, 2015 | Appliance Repair

Of all the appliances in a modern kitchen, the refrigerator is the one that’s most taken for granted. Why? Refrigerators are typically very reliable and durable, and it’s not at all uncommon to have the same one for decades. However, all appliances eventually need replacing, but a refrigerator’s reliability can make it hard to tell when the time is right. Consider the answers to these three questions when deciding whether Household Appliances Repair in Plymouth MA, is the right choice.

How Old is the Refrigerator?

Everyone knows that every year a dog ages the same as seven years in a human, and there’s a similar comparison to be made with a home’s refrigerator. Every year of its age is about the same as four human years. Most refrigerators last about twenty years, so if the one in a home has been used for more than 15, it’s considered old-;and it may be more economical to replace it. If the fridge is less than 15 years old, there’s enough life left in it to make Household Appliances Repair in Plymouth MA, worthwhile.

What Type of Refrigerator is It?

There are many types and styles of refrigerators, and the type chosen can determine whether a repair or a replacement is a better option. Some styles are more expensive to repair than other types are. If a fridge is more than five years old and it’s a side by side, replacement is usually a better option.

Does it Use a Lot of Energy?

If an old fridge uses a lot of electricity, the extra cost it adds to the monthly bill may make it worthwhile to opt for replacement over repair. Newer models are much more efficient than old fridges. One that’s only ten years old uses twice as much energy as a new, EnergyStar-certified unit does. The decrease in utility bills may more than makeup for the cost of the new refrigerator in these cases.

Numbers Don’t Always Tell the Entire Story

Factors such as the refrigerator’s age and its energy consumption are certainly important, but they’re not the only factors to be considered. Even with an evaluation of all these figures, customers can still be unsure of what to do. Customers can click here to find more on how an appliance repair professional can evaluate the situation and suggest which course of action to take.

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