Know when You Need a Washing Machine Repair Service

by | Aug 31, 2015 | Home And Garden

A washing machine is an essential appliance to use on a regular basis. No one likes going down to the laundry mat every time the washer breaks down, but the longer you wait to resolve a problem, the worse the machine gets. When it comes to your personal items, know the symptoms that will tell you that you need a washing machine repair service and know which service to get.

The Spin Cycle Is Not Working

Some washing machines have spin cycles that do not work at all. Loading too many clothes in the machine is one cause of the problem. You want to balance the load in every wash you do. The machine cannot balance the load on its own, especially if it is packed beyond capacity. From the start, place only a small number of items in your washing machine.

The Machine Leaks or Does Not Drain Properly

If you see that the machine leaks instead of drains, look over the drain pump. You may have a blocked drain that needs clearing. Check the hoses and tubes for any cracks or loosened parts that are letting the water out. In some cases, there may be damage that forms on the inside, which means you have to replace these parts. With leaks come water damage and mold, so you want to repair the problem as soon as possible.

The Motors Do Not Work Properly

Some washing machine motors are known to sputter or stop working altogether. If you overload the machine, it works harder and becomes more likely to break down. If it makes noises or runs inefficiently, you want to replace it immediately.

The Timer Does Not Function Properly

A faulty timer will show a phony time and ruin the whole wash cycle. If you press on the knob too hard, it could loosen and break off. The timer is connected to wires within the machine, so there may be problems with the wires. Allowing too much water to enter the system is another cause.

The Machine Emits Too Many Noises

You want to check behind the machine for any “out-of-control” parts. You could have hoses or tubes banging into each other. Another problem could be found with the bearing or pump. Since washing machines are designed to make noises, you may not find the problem right away.

From time to time, expect certain parts of your washing machine to burn out. Overusing your machine and overloading the interior are two common reasons. Not every homeowner follows the rules of using the washing machine sparingly. You can try to repair this machine at a DIY level, but you may have to disconnect the electrical parts first, and the process could be too dangerous. For the longest lasting results, work with a company that specializes in washing machine repair.

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