3 Ways to Reinvent Creative Workspaces

by | Aug 28, 2015 | Home And Garden

Vibrant work spaces are one of the key ingredients in inspiring creativity in professional settings. This can mean decorating a corporate or home office with interesting art or colorful furniture, but don’t forget about wall coverings. Not only are some patterns and colors stimulating for the mind, but you can go even further by taking an interactive approach.

Nailing Down Ideas

Everyone has an idea recording system. Whether you use sticky notes to provide visuals, notes typed up on the computer, or pads of paper with scribbled ideas, keeping track of innovation is a process. Integrating Cork Wallpaper into your workspace is a great way to bring all of those ideas to the fore and have them in front of you at all times. Bulletin boards have always been useful tools for tacking up important information, but the ability to post all of those disorganized notes into a visual configuration can help stimulate productivity and maximize brain power.

Let There Be Light

One of the biggest drains on energy is trying to work in a poorly lit space. However, sometimes this is unavoidable if you’re dealing with an office lacking windows or a tiny home office tucked into a corner. In order to mimic the presence of windows and natural light, try a mirror. Fresh Home recommends adding mirrors to provide an illusion that the space is bigger, and can also be placed near windows if you have them to allow more light in.

Add Pops of Color

It’s a scientific fact that certain colors stimulate the brain. While you don’t have to stick to a painstakingly scientific palette in your decor, simply adding some bright hues to your workspace decor can help immensely in buoying energy levels. The workday can get tiring, whether you’re busy or not. Sitting in the same area and working on the same tasks for hours at a time can quickly become a drudgery. However, having points of visual interest and stimulus help to transform a dreary space into a productive, cheerful environment. Even adding in colorful sticky notes, instead of the standard corporate yellow shade, can be a great way to invigorate a space.

Environment matters. Wall coverings like cork made by companies such as Wolf Gordon are a great way to see your ideas spread out in front of you, preferably in a palette of colorful post-its. Even if you find true inspiration in your own thought process, having a space that actively encourages creativity by being visually stimulating and energizing might help you more than you think. Adding a little pizzazz to your workspace can help you come up with better ideas.

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