Indications of Possible Storm Damage in Upper Arlington, OH

by | May 11, 2017 | Roofing

Roofs are designed to handle the strength of most storms. However, there are situations in which the storm hits the roof in exactly the right place and causes damage. The wind can find a weak spot in the roofing material and rip off some of the shingles. Hard hitting rainwater can get in through tiny cracks in the roof. Because of the angle of the roof, not all of the damage done is obvious. These are a few indications that the roof has possibly become damaged from a storm.

Any type of impact to the roof is an indication of possible Storm Damage in Upper Arlington OH. Hail and tree branches are the major sources of impact damage. Most roofing material is not designed to handle a physical strike by a hard object. Even if the damage itself isn’t visible from the ground level, a closer inspection of the impact area may reveal a problem. Any problems should be addressed as soon as possible to prevent future issues from developing.

Leaks are often a sign that damage has occurred. Rain driven by high winds can get into weaker areas in the roofing material. Once the water gets in, the damage is already occurring. These leaks can stop after the rain has passed. However, these breaches in the roof can worsen over time. This can turn into frequent leaks every time it rains. Addressing these leaks early can minimize the cost of roof repairs and prevent the application of white paint to obvious leaks.

Roofing material debris found in the yard is another sign of Storm Damage in Upper Arlington OH. Even if it suspected this material has blown into the yard, the roof still needs to be inspected to determine where it came from. If it is determined to come from the roof of the home, repairs need to be done quickly.

Roof damage can happen at any point at the storm. Impact damage, leaks and roofing debris indicate damage has likely occurred. Check out for more information on getting the roof inspected after a storm. This inspection needs to be done as soon as possible if any of these indications are present.

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