How Fiber Cement Sidings in Corpus Christi, TX Has Outpaced Vinyl Siding

by | Apr 27, 2017 | Windows

There are many options that a person has when it comes to placing siding on their home. When it comes to more affordable options, individuals and builders tend to go with vinyl siding. However, from an affordability and aesthetic standpoint, the trend in the siding industry has been shifting from vinyl to fiber cement sidings in Corpus Christi TX.

There are a number of reasons why this type of material is being used more widely than vinyl siding. The first thing to understand about Fiber Cement Sidings in Corpus Christi TX is that it is relatively inexpensive. While it might not be quite as cheap as vinyl, it is very close in price.

As far as practical benefits, much like vinyl siding, fiber cement siding avoids rot, pests, and it is also immune to destructive mold and mildew. However, unlike vinyl siding, which in some situations can be flammable, fiber cement siding is one of the few types of affordable siding materials that is completely fire resistant.

This type of siding material is also a bit more aesthetically pleasing because of its solid nature. It gives it more of a look of something like wood siding than vinyl siding, especially when an integrated wood texture is used. Because it is a solid material, it also offers more insulating properties than thin vinyl siding ever could.

Lastly, this type of material is easy to maintain and, unlike vinyl siding, fiber cement siding holds paint extremely well. This means that there will be no elevated time line for having to repaint the entire home. Also, from a standpoint of durability, fiber cement siding can last as long as 50 years if it is taken care of properly.

From all angles, fiber cement siding is the best option for homes not only in Corpus Christi, but virtually every area of the country. Because of this type of siding, experts have noticed a significant decrease in the use of vinyl siding over the past 13 years since fiber cement siding has been introduced. If you’re looking for a quality siding material that offers more benefits than you can possibly imagine at a price that is extremely affordable, you may want to browse our website to check out your options for fiber cement siding.

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