How Single Hung Windows in St Paul Can Provide A Homeowner With An Affordable Window Replacement Option

by | Jul 3, 2017 | Window Installation Service

Windows that are old and outdated may cause a home to be less energy efficient, and may not provide the same level of protection from the harmful effects of UV rays and extreme weather conditions. The biggest barrier to getting new windows is the cost associated with them. Instead of wasting money on more expensive versions, many homeowners opt for affordable Single Hung Windows in St Paul. Not only can they make a home more energy efficient, but they can be an affordable way to increase a home’s value and make it easier to sell in the future. Here are just a few reasons to choose new single hung windows.

Increased UV Protection

One of the biggest dangers associated with old windows is the UV exposure that can stream through and damage furniture. New Single Hung Windows in St Paul will be composed of glass covered with a transparent film that can help reduce the impact of UV rays without affecting the amount of light that can stream through. Don’t just cover up windows with heavy drapes or blinds, when a UV coating can let a homeowner take advantage of their windows without stressing exposed furniture.

Easy to Clean

Most single hung windows are simple to clean and come with a tilt-in frame option that allows the homeowner to clean them from the inside. Windows of this nature make easy work of keeping second or third-floor windows sparkling clean, and without the need for tall ladders are specialized equipment. Don’t live with dirty windows, when a single hung replacement can allow anyone to keep their windows clean all year long.

Sound Dampening

One of the most noticeable things most homeowners experience after the installation of new windows is the reduction of exterior sounds. As the seals in old windows begin to wear, it can lessen their ability to dampen outside sounds. Keep any home peaceful by installing new windows that can reduce the noise associated with a passing car or severe storms.

Single hung windows can make it easy and affordable to increase the visual appeal and efficiency of a home. Contact Builders and Remodlers Inc. and learn more about the wide selection of single hung windows they carry in stock. Learn more about us by checking out our website and call today to schedule a free in-home consultation.

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