How Often Should Someone Schedule Professional Furniture Cleaning Service in Fort Wayne IN?

by | Aug 11, 2017 | Carpet and Floor Cleaners

Upholstered furniture sometimes could use some thorough, professional attention from a furniture cleaning service in Fort Wayne IN. Most of the time, routine vacuuming does the trick, but upholstery can start to look discolored and gradually develop subtle but unpleasant odors.

A Variety of Problems

Pets sitting on chairs and sofas, and kids spilling food and beverages are typical problems. People sit on the furniture when their clothes are dirty, and upholstery also can absorb a bit of smoke and ash from fireplaces and wood stoves in the home. If anyone smokes tobacco in the home with any sort of regularity, Furniture Cleaning Service in Fort Wayne IN is important to reduce or eliminate lingering odors.

Pollen and dust wafting in from open windows and from doors opening and closing also can aggravate allergies of household residents. Kids and pets track in these substances, where they stick for carpeting and furniture. They can be difficult to vacuum up completely, but professional cleaning can get rid of them.

When to Schedule Cleaning

There’s no definitive answer as to when furniture should be professionally cleaned. A white glove test can let the owner know when it’s time, however. This is an old-fashioned strategy people used to use to gauge just how dust-free a house was. If there’s no white glove handy, any white cloth will do. A handkerchief, a dish towel or a washcloth are suitable. Simply rub this fabric against the upholstery and see whether it comes away clean or a bit dirty. Pollen residue will generally look green or yellow.

Satisfaction With the Service

After service by a company such as Carpet Masters, the upholstery looks and smells as close to new as possible, considering the age and wear of the items. This is a substantially more affordable solution than replacing furniture when it starts to look dingy. It also is typically more aesthetically pleasing than using slipcovers, which just indicates to guests that the home’s furniture does not look very nice and the owners are trying to hide that. Click here to learn more about furniture cleaning from this particular company.

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