Home Or Business Services Offered By A 24 Hour Locksmith Company In Floral Park NY

by | Oct 4, 2017 | Locksmiths

If a homeowner has been locked out of their home in the past, they can relate to the frustration that an incident has caused and may have encountered complications if they decided to try to open a lock on their own and broke a locking device in the process. Luckily, Able Lock Shop or another 24 hour locksmith company in Floral Park NY is just a phone call away.

As soon as a locksmith is contacted, they will promptly respond to an emergency situation and help a home or business owner regain entry to their property. The following tips will assist with reducing the risk of becoming locked out of a home or business.

Have Duplicate Copies Of Keys Made

Besides assisting with opening a lock, a locksmith can make copies of keys. If a home or business owner brings their original keys to a locksmith, they can request to have a specific number of copies made. Extra keys should be given to family members or close friends so that a recipient can provide assistance if an original key is accidentally locked inside of a residence or business.

Hide Keys In Secure Locations

Purchasing an item that is designed to hold keys and that looks like an ordinary object will provide an individual with access to an extra key if they accidentally lose their original or if they lock their key inside of their home or business. A holder that is designed to look like a rock or brick can be placed on a piece of property after a key is stored inside of it. Anyone who notices the landscaping feature will believe that it is a standard item and will have no idea that a key is locked inside of it.

Follow A Daily Routine

If keys are often misplaced and assistance is needed from a 24 hour locksmith company in Floral Park NY, due to setting keys down in various parts of a home or business, sticking to a daily routine will prevent confusion and will reduce the chances that keys will become lost. A tray or cup can be placed next to a doorway and will encourage a person to place their key ring inside of a visible holder. A hook that is drilled through a wall will also provide someone with a suitable place to store keys. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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