Top 5 Advantages of an Encapsulated Crawl Space

by | Oct 6, 2017 | Home Improvement

If you are a new homeowner, you might be wondering what to do with the space beneath your home. Often, builders leave crawl spaces untreated. While there is nothing wrong with an unfinished crawl space, per se, it is susceptible to retaining dangerous moisture. As such, many new homeowners choose to contract for crawl space encapsulation in Charlotte, NC. Here are the top five benefits of encapsulating your crawl space.

1. Get Professional Results

New homeowners often depend on professional contractors to make sure their homes are in great shape. For example, the specialists at Dry Otter Waterproofing can give you the sealed crawl space you need to preserve the value, comfort, and safety of your house. If you are looking to keep your crawl space dry and clean, you might schedule your free in-home inspection today!  Dry Otter will give you recommendations for your in-home solution!

2. Keep Water Away

Water is not a crawl space’s friend. If you are serious about keeping the area beneath your floorboards dry, you might opt for encapsulation. Skilled contractors use a complete vapor barrier to control moisture. Not only does encapsulation keep water from pooling, it also helps control humidity levels. For homeowners concerned about mold and mildew growth, that’s a good idea. Even better, installing a total vapor barrier is cost-effective. If you wonder if the solution is right for your home, contact Dry Otter. A free estimate is available!!

3. Improve Air Quality

Crawl space encapsulation in Charlotte, NC can help improve the air quality throughout your home. Damp air can lead to unhealthy conditions. Even worse, poor air quality can cause your HVAC system to work harder than it should. If you are worried about the condition of the air in your house, then, you might consider encapsulating your crawl space before you tackle other projects.

4. Brighten the Crawl Space

While encapsulation materials come in a variety of colors, many homeowners opt to cover their crawl spaces with a white barrier. The bright material is an effective way to brighten any crawl space. If you frequently access the area beneath your floors, then, you might appreciate a more vibrant, usable space.

5. Stop Vermin

Mice and other critters love to make their homes in the dirt in your crawl space. With encapsulation, you can keep help keep them away. While you should talk to an experienced exterminator if you have a vermin problem, encapsulation might offer a feasible solution.

Crawl space encapsulation in Charlotte, NC, offers an affordable, feasible vapor barrier for the area beneath your floors. If you are considering encapsulating your space, you might consider these top five benefits.

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