Helpful Tips for Choosing Carpets in West Des Moines IA

by | Apr 20, 2016 | Home Improvement

There are more than a few varieties of carpets in West Des Moines IA to choose from. If a homeowner decides this is what they want to put in their home, they need to be smart about the purchase. There are quite a few things that should be understood prior to making a purchase. Some helpful tips to purchase the right type and style of carpet can be found here.

Look at the Seams in the Carpet

Unless the area that is being carpeted is extremely narrow (no more than 15 feet) seams are going to be present. The majority of Carpets in West Des Moines IA come in 12 and 15 feet widths. How visible the seams are dependent on the color and texture selected, as well as where the furniture is placed in the room and the lighting.


When a person plans to put carpet on their stairs, the backing in some types may show up at the bend of the stair. If a looped carpet is selected, it can easily snag. This is especially true for the transitions and seams. Proper care is essential to ensure a carpet lasts and looks great.

Pile Shading (Nap)

The nap of carpet will run in one direction, which creates the shading or pile reversal caused by the vacuum. This is normal for the majority of styles of carpeting. If a homeowner does not want this to happen, then the window blinds and the way furniture is placed in the room can help to reduce the effect.

Carpet Quality

When it comes to carpet, it is essential to pay for quality. If a person wants a carpet that has quality pile density, as well as tighter twist construction, then it is essential to get an option that is of higher quality. New carpet will add value to any type of home, Therefore, this investment is one worth making.

Take some time to learn more about quality carpet and how it can improve a home. Doing this will help ensure that the best type of carpet is purchased. More information about the types of carpet that are available can be found by contacting the staff from the Royal Flooring Shop.

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