Everything You Should Know About Buying a Live Edge Table in New Jersey

by | Jan 29, 2020 | Home Improvement

Although most residents of New Jersey love all of the comforts that the city can provide, one of the most contemporary trends for interior design is the living edge table. Having a live edge table in New Jersey offers a unique design choice that cannot be matched by other types of furniture.

What is a Live Edge Table?

A living edge table in New Jersey is constructed from lumber without distorting or altering the natural edge of the furniture. A live edge can be applied to many different types of furniture, including bedroom dressers, side tables, chairs and desks. But choosing to have a live edge table places a unique design choice in the center of the room and garners the most attention.

How Does a Live Edge Table Impact the Environment?

If you purchase a live edge table instead of a traditional table, you will actually be making an environmentally friendly choice. A live edge table uses more of the wood from each cut, which means that every tree that is chopped down is used more. There is considerably less waste with a live edge table than with comparable types of trees.

What Are the Different Types of Live Edge Tables?

You can choose between a live edge table that has the bark on, or a table that has the bark removed. A table that still has their bark on gives a much more natural look to your room’s decor. However, removing the bark makes the surfaces smooth. If you have kids or excitable pets, removing the bark might be a better option.

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