Effective Techniques for Ongoing Pest Management in New Canaan, CT

by | Nov 1, 2019 | Pest Control

When it seems like the bug population is out of control in a residential yard, the owners might decide to have a service strategically apply pesticides to the yard. Most homeowners prefer to have this done infrequently, if at all, since they worry about the effects of pesticides on the environment. After service by a company providing professional Pest Management in New Canaan CT, several techniques can minimize future problems with insects and other bugs.

Looking for Opportunities

These critters are primarily looking for opportunities to eat, drink, lay eggs, and build a place to raise their offspring. They descend on yards where plenty of food and standing water are available and where nesting possibilities and materials are prevalent. What does that mean for property owners wanting to limit these opportunities for bugs? It means drastically reducing these advantages for the invasive creatures.

Cleaning Out Rain Gutters

Rain gutters filled with debris are one example of a place where insects find all of these advantages. The leaves and other debris pile up and prevent water from flowing through the downspouts. Standing water provides a place for bugs to have a drink and for mosquitoes to lay eggs. The damp, nutrient-rich muck attracts many winged and crawling creatures. Hornets might build a nest there.

Additional Effective Techniques

After professional Pest Management in New Canaan CT is complete, homeowners can take other actions to deter bugs from setting up residency. Dumping out stagnant water from buckets and birdbaths should be done regularly. Firewood should not be stacked close to the home even though that is convenient. It might be placed by a fence at the side of the yard instead. Cutting the grass regularly instead of allowing it to become a haven for ticks and fleas is important.

Concluding Thoughts

Numerous species of insects and other bugs may invade a property when conditions are right. Some of them can do damage to the grass, gardens, wood fencing, and buildings on the land. Others bite, sting, and have the potential to spread disease. For an initial pest management service, property owners are encouraged to Contact Pauley Tree & Lawn Care Inc.

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