Common Applications for Poured Flooring in New York

by | Nov 1, 2019 | Home Improvement

Poured flooring is common in industrial buildings. Its popularity stems from its high performance, durability, ease of maintenance, as well as its resistance to weight, water, chemicals, and other substances. Property owners can read on to find out about a few other common applications for Poured Flooring in New York to find out whether seamless floors might be right for them.

School Gyms

Most school gymnasiums and auditoriums feature Poured Flooring in New York. Its durability and resistance to heavy foot traffic make it a perfect surface for basketball games, gym classes, and other physical activities. Auditoriums often feature poured flooring too, which makes sense given the heavy foot traffic typically associated with these spaces.

Retail Stores

Commercial retail stores need flooring that will support merchandise and heavy foot traffic, require little maintenance, and create a non-slip surface. Poured flooring offers all these benefits and more. Plus, it can be customized to feature different colors, designs, or even store logos.

Residential Garages

In recent years, residential homeowners have also begun to take advantage of poured flooring. Most homeowners use this flooring type in their garages, whether they use the garages to store cars, work on projects, or store extra belongings. Poured floors are also great for basements, workshops, and outbuildings.

Commercial Kitchens

The floors in commercial kitchens need to be easy to clean, resistant to spills, and provide a non-slip surface. Restaurant owners and kitchen workers alike love poured flooring thanks to its ability to fulfill these requirements. Restaurant owners face a lower risk of employees being injured on the job, while workers find that they have to spend less time cleaning the floors after long days preparing food.

Vehicle Showrooms

Vehicle showrooms need flooring that is durable enough to withstand vehicle and foot traffic. Otherwise, the dealers wouldn’t be able to get cars in and out of the showrooms with ease. Poured flooring is perfect for this application.

The Bottom Line

The applications listed above represent just a few of the most common uses for poured floors. The bottom line is that poured flooring is perfect for any room that faces heavy traffic, lots of moisture, or exposure to automotive and other chemicals. Property owners of all types can visit Hoffman Floor Covering Corporation to find one company that can install and repair poured floors to get started taking advantage of their many benefits. You can also visit on Facebook for more information.

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