Do You Need Skunk Removal in Columbus OH?

by | Dec 5, 2016 | Animal Removal

Skunks are easily recognized by their distinctive appearance. They are small mammals with a big, bushy tail, and their fur is black with white stripes. Yet they are most well known not for how they look but for how they smell. Skunks are able to spray a foul-smelling liquid for 15 feet or more, which means any person or pet who gets near them could end up covered in the stinky spray. Naturally, if a skunk appears in a yard, homeowners will want fast Skunk Removal in Columbus OH so they can keep any smelly incidents from happening.

Skunk Spray

The worst thing about being sprayed by a skunk is that the smell is very difficult to wash off a person or pet. Any clothing that has been sprayed will need to be washed immediately. After washing, an additional cleaning spray may also help to get the smell out of the fabric. Taking a bath that includes plenty of scrubbing will be necessary as well. Some people scrub with vinegar to help remove the bad smell since regular soap may not be powerful enough to handle the problem. The traditional substance used to wash off skunk spray is tomato juice, but many people have found that strong, yet safe, cleaning products from a store will generally work the best.

Other Skunk Problems

Although getting sprayed is the most infamous problem associated with skunks, these creatures may also cause other trouble. Skunks can carry rabies, which is even more concerning than stinky spray. People with gardens may notice that skunks will devour some of the plants. Another common problem with skunks is digging, since they like to dig holes next to buildings to make a burrow to live in. Seeing new holes next to a home or shed may be a sign of a skunk.

Ideally, homeowners should quickly act if a skunk has moved into the yard ;so they can get Skunk Removal in Columbus OH before any person or pet is sprayed. Whenever a skunk is seen or suspected, be sure to have it checked out, so a stinky encounter will not happen. Check out our website for more information about wildlife control.

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