Discovering the Benefits of Gutter Service in Fairfax VA

by | Sep 25, 2020 | Construction and Maintenance

While area homes generally have some sort of gutter systems, many homeowners don’t really understand their importance and why it’s so vital they are properly maintained. Gutter service in Fairfax VA does more than simply provide a path for water coming from the home’s roof. Gutter experts routinely suggest homeowners consult gutter experts to determine if their home’s gutters are functioning properly.

Gutters Protect Home Foundations

One of the primary reasons to install new gutters or carefully maintain existing ones is to protect a home’s foundation. Water running freely off a roof will erode the soil around the foundation and make it easier for water to collect next to a home. That, in turn, increases the hydrostatic pressure on the foundation. Water-logged soil expands and, when it does, that water can actually move a foundation. Foundation issues, whether the home has a basement or is on a slab, commonly occur when soils are allowed to expand and contract as the amount of water in the area changes.

Gutters Keep People Coming and Going Drier

No one enjoys getting soaked when running from the car to the door while it’s raining. When the areas over doors include a functioning gutter system, that mad dash won’t include a deluge of water coming off the roof. Experts providing gutter service in Fairfax VA can discuss runoff solutions with homeowners to ensure the best options are selected.

Quality Gutters Increase a Home’s Value

Another benefit of having gutters installed properly is that they tend to boost the value of a home. Home shoppers look for properties they can simply move into without having to worry about upgrades immediately. Gutters also indicate the homeowner cares about the property and is willing to take the necessary steps to properly maintain it.

Direct Gutter Inc works with area homeowners to make sure their properties are always properly protected. They, like other experts, recommend installing gutters that are capable of handling even the region’s worst rains. That’s why six-inch gutters may be recommended for many homes, as they have the capacity to move larger quantities of water faster. Homeowners installing new gutters or maintaining the current gutters are encouraged to have them inspected, cleaned, and maintained by an area expert.

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