Differences Between Residential and Commercial Landscaping in Annapolis, MD

by | Jul 31, 2018 | Landscaping

It’s very common for companies that offer Commercial Landscaping in Annapolis MD to work with residential homeowners as well, but that doesn’t mean every residential landscaper is capable of offering commercial services. Read on to find out about a few of the differences between residential and commercial landscape design and maintenance to find out why it’s important for business owners to hire a company that has experience working with commercial clients.

Landscape Planning

The intended uses of residential and commercial outdoor spaces tend to be quite different, which means that the initial landscape designs will also have to be different in order to accommodate these uses. Residential landscapes are usually intended for the families living in the home and their guests and are designed to make the yard more liveable. Commercial landscapes are usually intended to impress customers or clients entering the building rather than visitors who are there with the specific intent of spending time outside, so the process of designing commercial landscapes can be quite different.

Area and Scale

Commercial landscapes are often much more expansive than their residential counterparts. They may also feature larger landscaping and hardscaping elements such as fountains or waterfalls, large planters, expansive lawns, and even potted trees. That’s why the companies that provide commercial landscaping in Annapolis MD often have access to different types of equipment designed for efficiently maintaining larger areas.

Existing Buildings

Any landscape, whether it is commercial or residential, should be designed with the goal of beautifying the property’s buildings in mind. For most residential landscapers, this means the house and perhaps a shed. Commercial landscapers, on the other hand, must often accommodate multiple buildings, parking lots, ramps, extensive outdoor lighting, and the many other features that contribute to creating a safe environment for visitors.

Cost Concerns

The cost of commercial landscaping services can vary greatly depending on how large the property is and how much time contractors must spend maintaining it, but it tends to be higher than contracting residential services. This makes sense since commercial landscapes tend to be larger and more complex, requiring more time and effort to design, install, and maintain. Visit us online today to learn more about our commercial services or request a free estimate to get started today.

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