3 Tips for Planning Storage Solutions in Dayton

Imagine a clean and well-organized garage where everything has a place and there’s no clutter. For some, this dream can be transformed into a reality with the right Storage Solutions in Dayton. There are so many different ways to organize a garage and so many different things that can be added to the space that it’s important to create a plan before starting any of the work.

Measure the Space

Start out with a clear understanding of how much space is available. Measure from wall to wall to get the garage dimensions. Then, consider bringing the vehicles into the garage and measuring again to get a better idea of how much room you have on either side of the vehicles. This helps homeowners understand how much usable space they have in the garage.

Take Inventory of the Items

What items need to be stored in the garage? Think about making a list of everything you want to keep in the space. List out the bikes, the sporting equipment, and even the number of boxes filled with seasonal decorations. Sometimes people come up with a plan but they don’t take into consideration everything that they have. It helps to look at all of the inventory at one time to come up with the best Storage Solutions in Dayton for your garage.

Contact a Professional

After taking measurements and looking at all of the items in the garage, most people start to feel overwhelmed. It’s a huge undertaking and it can be tough to think about all of the different ways that space can be used for storage. Don’t hesitate to bring in a professional. Companies skilled in this type of organizing have great ideas that are creative and interesting, making it easier for you to fit everything inside. For example, the addition of a simple bike rack gets the bike off the floor and up in the air, saving space.

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